Inventory Management System

Inventory Management System

The Paramount Ships Inventory Control System is a Database and Reporting tool specifically designed for the Chart Distribution Industry.

System Architecture:

The system is based on the Microsoft SQL Server engine platform (using relational database model), offering an elegant and flexible, yet robust solution.

It is split into two parts: the “back-end” datasource, which contains the data itself, and the “front-end” user-interface, which contains the forms (screens), reports, etc., together with the functionality required to process the data.

ships inventory control

System Features:

The system defines six major features, as shown on the Main Menu below:

The system offers a wide range of “browse” forms, for viewing data, “input” forms, for entering and editing data, and reports for previewing and/or printing information from various perspectives.

Forms are arranged so that required information can be located logically and quickly.

For example, you may wish to know which Folios are carried by a particular Ship that belongs to a customer. One way to achieve this is by selecting Customers and Ships from the main menu.